Throw a No Hassle Graduation Party: Part 6 – The Games/Activities

Hello again there mama!

I hope you week has gotten off to a good start! I’m excited to talk to you today about different ideas I have found for games and activities to have at your graduation party to help keep your guests entertained!

If you have just started in on our graduation party planning series, I want to encourage you to go back and read the previous posts as well. Here are the links to those posts:

Today we are talking about games and activities for your graduation party guests. While there is no requirement to supply your guests with anything to do besides eat and converse, I believe it to be good form to supply your guests with additional things to do. In addition to making the event feel less awkward for guests who may not know too many others at your party, it also encourages your guests to stay and hang out longer than they typically would.

In researching different ideas for games or activities, I have come across six ideas that I feel would take your party to the next level. I have split them into two categories: Yard Party Games (great for outdoor or backyard parties) and Graduation Party Activities. I hope you will be inspired by the ideas I provide and will perhaps include one or more in your own event!


3 Jumbo Yard Games for Graduation Parties

1. DIY Jumbo Yard Yahtzee

This classic party game is taken to a whole new level when you make it jumbo sized! Best of all, Momtastic provides an entire tutorial so you can make a set for yourself! Don’t forget to provide your guest with some jumbo sized instructions (chalkboard sign perhaps?) and tally sheets to help keep score!

DIY Yard Yahtzee

2. DIY Yard Twister

This is another classic game that is easily created with spray paint on your lawn! Good Housekeeping provides you with a tutorial on how to create the circles on your lawn. You won’t want to forget to make your spinner and will want to be sure to give the paint ample time to dry before your guests go at it!

Lawn Twister

3. Classic Yard Games

I didn’t want to leave out the oldies but the goodies from this list. Make sure not to overlook yard games like Bocce Ball, Cornhole, Ladder Ball, or Washers which you can find at Hayneedle! These games have been entertaining outdoor guests for years… and for good reason: they are a blast to play!

Classic Yard Games

3 Awesome Graduation Party Activities sure to Delight

1. Photo Props

It’s a fact: people love to take photos! So give them something to take photos of! These photo props found at Play.Party.Plan are given a school twist by adding sayings that are reminiscent of high school senior mock awards. Set up a small photo section and have these props sitting out in a bucket for guests to use. I assure you, you will get a lot of fun photos to commemorate your party!

2. Instagram Hashtag Prompt

While you’ve got your guest with their smartphone cameras at the ready, have a sign like this one displayed by Thinking Closet for all to see at your party! Then, when your guests are off taking photos of themselves with you and at your party, you will be able to collect them all for your own collection. I think this particular printable is super well done… and offered for free!

Instagram Grad Party Printable

3. Words of Wisdom

Party guests will love to impart their advice and wisdom onto you if given the chance. Have a jar like this one by Personalization Mall displayed on or next to your gift/card table. Invite guests to fill out an advice or wisdom sheet and leave it in the jar for you to read at a later time. I think this jar is super cute! And I love that it has the graduation year printed on it as well.

Words of Wisdom Jar

I will say again that I think it is super important to provide your guests with some activities or games to participate in at your party. It really does help them with knowing what to do while the graduate and parents are busy greeting and ushering party guests as they come. I hope these have given you some inspiration and ideas of what to do at your own party!

Can you believe that we are only one more post away from concluding this series! I hope you will join us in our next post where we will talk about party favors. In the meantime, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself today to breathe, relax, and enjoy your exciting life!

Have a beautiful day!

Krystal Idunate

PS: Have you taken my advice to have a game or activity at your party? What activity will you have guests participate in?

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