Throw a No Hassle Graduation Party: Part 5 – The Desserts

Happy Monday Mama!

So happy to have you back for part five of our graduation party planning series! Today we are talking about my second favorite part of party planning… the desserts!

If you are just starting in our this series, make sure you catch up on the party aspects we’ve already covered. The links to these posts are listed below:

I am so excited to jump into today’s topic! I will be covering five different kinds of dessert bars or themes  you can have at your graduation party and I will give you a ton of ideas of what to include in each of them! Sound good? OK, let’s get started!

The Top 5 Dessert Themes for a Graduation Party

So my first idea is kind of a no-brainer (no pun intended). Cupcakes have long been a party staple, and any party I throw is not complete without them. When it comes to making cupcake bar you will definitely want to have enough cupcakes to make a big impact. You can display them in cupcake towers, on tiered plates, or even in a particular shape (like the graduation year). Alternatively, you could make a graduation cake and display your cupcakes alongside the special cake!

1. Cupcake/Cake Table

The cupcakes themselves can also be a type of decoration. You will certainly want to consider decorating your cupcakes with cupcake toppers (or making them yourselves). I also think a pretty cool idea would be to make a chocolate cupcake base with a white buttercream frosting. Then have some sort of black and white cupcake topper to keep with typical graduation colors.

Below, I have collected a variety of cupcake ideas and displays. You can check out their original sources below the photos.

  1. Share Dessert – DIY Cupcake Grad Hat Topper
  2. The Cake Blog – “Today is Your Day” Grad Cake
  3. Blissfully Domestic – Cupcake Graduation Year Display
  4. Confetti Prints Shop – Black & White Cupcake Topper

2. Candy Bar

If cupcakes aren’t your thing… then maybe a Graduation Candy Bar would be up your alley. I love the idea of having a large candy display for guests to pick and choose their favorites from. The candy would then serve as both a dessert AND a party favor! A brilliant idea!

When choosing candy to include in your display, I think it would be super fun to theme your candy with school related names (i.e. “Book Worms” for candy worms). The best way to display all your candy types will be in glass vases or jars of various sizes. That way your guests will be able to clearly see what everything is. Plus, it just looks really pretty!

Here are a couple of ideas for your Graduation Candy Bar display! Check out their original sources below the photos.

  1. My.Life.At.Playtime – Class Rings in Candy Bar
  2. Pretty Real Blog – Bookworms Display
  3. DeckMax – “A Sweet Ending” Candy Bar
  4. Project Wedding – Large Candy Bar Display

3. Cookie Bar

The next fun option for a dessert bar is to have a big display of cookies! Who doesn’t love cookies? And best of all, you can call it your “One Smart Cookie Bar”! For this type of dessert display, you will want to have stacks of different flavored cookies on pretty plates. I would suggest having 3-5 different cookie flavors. Also, be sure to make enough for guests to at least have 2. I don’t know what it is about cookies, but people do not feel as guilty about eating more than one for whatever reason.

Here is a collection of cookie ideas for both display and cookie decorations. Links to the original sources can be found beneath the photos.

  1. Love the Days – Diploma Cookies
  2. Flickr – Professional Graduation Cookies
  3. Your Homebased Mom – Smart Cookie Bar
  4. Sweet Sugarbelle – DIY Graduation Cookies

4. S’more Bar

Still haven’t decided if the first three options where what you are looking for? How about a S’mores Bar instead!? If you have an outdoor fire pit, and you are hosting a slightly later party, then I think this idea is perfect for you! All you need to do is have the different components displayed in trays or on plates for guests to pick from in assembling their own s’more. So, you can have graham crackers, chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, mint thins, marshmallows, etc ready for your guests to come up with their own s’more concoction.

Check out all of these photos to get your creative juices flowing! Links to original content are below the photos.

  1. Catch My Party – Pretty S’mores Bar Display
  2. Just Another Hang Up – S’mores Basket Display
  3. Rustic Wedding Chic – Tiered S’mores Display
  4. After Orange County – Jarred S’mores Display

5. Pops

OK, so last but not least is a slightly trendier dessert display: cake pops, or rather different type of stick-like desserts. So this can consist of your traditional cake pops decorated in school colors, fun candy assembled graduation hats on sticks, chocolate covered pretzel sticks, chocolate covered oreos, or all of the above!

I would have at least 3 different kinds displayed on a table in different kinds of vases or boxes. You will want to be sure to have the sticks stabbed into some kind of foam in the bottom to prevent them from destroying each other.

Here is a collection of different kinds of “pops” ideas for your dessert table. Check out the links to their original sources below the photos.

  1. iSave A to Z – Chocolate Graduation Cap Pops
  2. Your Homebased Mom – School Color Chocolate Covered Oreos
  3. Flickr – School Color Chocolate Covered Pretzels
  4. OC Pop Shoppe – Professional Graduation Cake Pops

So what do you think? Did I get your sweet tooth activated? I hope this helps get you started on planning out what desserts to serve at your party this summer! I can’t wait to hear what you decide to have!

Well mama, I hope you feel as excited to plan out your dessert table as I am. As always, don’t forget to take a moment for yourself today to breathe, relax, and enjoy your exciting life!

Have a beautiful day!

Krystal Idunate

PS: Tell me what kind of dessert table you will have at your graduation party in the comments!

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