Throw a No Hassle Graduation Party: Part 3 – The Decorations

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Welcome to part three of our series on throwing a no hassle graduation party! After talking about choosing your party theme and picking out your party stationery, today I have a really fun post in store for you! Today’s topic is my absolute FAVORITE part of party planning: the decorations.

If you are just now joining the conversation, be sure to check out the two posts previous to this one. Click on the links to go directly to the previous posts.

When it comes to decorating your party, there are a couple of key areas to dress up for the big day. Today, I will take you through the 5 key areas to decorate for your graduation party; which will include the party entrance, the guest tables, the food tables, the memorabilia display area, and the gift area.

As with the other posts in this series, I have researched decoration ideas to maintain a School Spirit theme for this Graduation Party series. Please know that the information I will provide will be relevant to you no matter your party theme. However, since I know that you are like many mommas out there who have a LOT going on, feel free to take my party theme and ideas, and make them your own! Let’s get started!

Party Balloons

5 Key Areas to Decorate for Your Graduation Party

1. The Entrance

Depending on where you host your party, your entrance will most likely encompass your front yard, your walkway to your house or your backyard, and  the front door of your house or the building you rent.

The front yard is where you want to create a very prominent sign that alerts your guests that “the party is here”. This could be a wooden sign painted with words and an arrow pointing to your party location, balloons in your party theme colors tied to a sign at the foot of your driveway, a giant banner with your graduates name on it,  or multiple photos and signs lining your driveway.

Once this area is covered, then you can place a more specific sign at your walkway to let your guests know which way to go once they arrive. Or, if guests will be coming in your front door, you could create a fun graduation themed wreath to decorate your door!

Below, you will see a collage of different decoration ideas to cover this key area. The links to find more information about any of the ideas is listed below the collage.

  1. Personalization Mall – Graduation Entrance Banner
  2. Pinterest Unknown – Directional Party Sign
  3. Pinterest Unknown – Driveway Photo Path Display
  4. My Paper Crush – Party Sign with School Color Balloons
  5. DIY Beautify – Graduation Photo Wreath DIY
  6. Country Wedding Signs – “The Party Starts Here” Sign

2. The Guest Tables

The next area to get your attention should be your guest tables. This is where your guests will spend the most time while eating and catching up with family and friends. That said, you will want to be sure to give them something fun to look at while they are there!

Don’t bother spending too much on table linens. A simple plastic table cover in your party colors (or in our case, your school colors) will do just fine. Plus, it makes for a super simple clean up!

Instead, spend your time making fun and memorable centerpieces. Here are a whole heap of examples that fit our School Spirit theme! These ideas are all somewhat small, which makes them easy to see over when guests wish to talk to each other, but are also stand outs! You can make them in your own school colors and even add some photos (maybe black and white) for a more personal touch.

Below the gallery of photos, you will find links to each of the different ideas listed for more information.

  1. The Perfect Party Shop – Flower Pot with Decor on Sticks
  2. Pinterest Unknown – Photo Graduation Hat Cubes
  3. Catch My Party – Table Decor with Words and School Color Flags
  4. Pinterest Unknown – Sport Themed Bouncy Balls in Photo Vases
  5. Catch My Party – School Colored Flowers
  6. Pinterest Unknown – Chalkboard Painted Simple Flower Pots

3. The Food Tables

Now that your entrance and guest tables are decorated, now is time to move onto your food tables. This covers both your buffet food tables as well as your dessert tables. Since both tables will be mostly covered, I suggest that you utilize the wall areas behind the tables, the skirted areas on the sides of the tables, and the spaces where you can add little personalized decorations to the food (such as cupcake toppers, water bottle wrappers, food labels, and more!).

Below you will find many of the ideas I came across for a School Spirit Graduation Party. I have a couple of ideas for decorations to place on your desserts because I just couldn’t leave them out of this post on decorations, but know that I will be giving you a TON of other ideas for decorating your food/desserts in a later post all about desserts! Click on the links below the photos to be taken to the sources for more information.

  1. House by Hoff – Photo Banner Backdrop
  2. Jent by Designs – Photo Collage with DIY Tassel and Fan Garland
  3. The Cake Blog – Large Tassel Balloons
  4. Tatertots and Jello – Jumbo Photo Wall
  5. Inspired by Charm – DIY Tassel Garland
  6. Sugar Bee Crafts – DIY Tissue Paper Graduation Year
  7. Catch My Party – Cupcake Toppers & Water Bottle Wrappers
  8. Catch My Party – Food Decoration Printables

4. The Memorabilia Display Area

The forth area you will want to be sure to decorate is the area where you will display all of your graduate’s memorabilia. This includes photos, scrapbooks, varsity letters, varsity jackets, school awards, and more! While I hope your grad will be helping you will ALL of the decorating and party preparation, this is an area where they can really take charge.

I have collected a bunch of ideas for different ways of displaying all of your grad’s photos and special items to help you get started. SO, if your grad is complaining about not knowing where to start with all this, then direct them my way!

As always, the links to the original sources are located under the gallery of photo ideas!

  1. Pinterest Unknown – Memorabilia Table Full Display
  2. Pinterest Unknown – Photo Board Layout Template
  3. Dela Chic Blog – Letter Photo Collage (Spell Out School Acronym)
  4. Tiny Prints – DIY G.R.A.D. Photo Display
  5. Pinterest Unknown – Trip Down Memory Lane
  6. Pinterest Unknown – Photo Cubes
  7. Pinterest Unknown – Framed Ribbons
  8. Scrappin Julie – Memorabilia Shadow Boxes

5. The Gift Area

And finally, last but not least you have your gift area to decorate. This area is best left uncluttered so guests may leave any packages they may have brought with them. One thing you will want to think about is an area for guests to leave cards. Below, I have researched a few different ideas for card boxes that would fit our school spirit theme. I believe any of these options could easily be done DIY, but are also available for purchase if you are short on time!

Links to the original content pages are listed below the photos.

  1. Pinterest Unknown – Graduate Hat Card Box with School Mascot
  2. Kara’s Party Ideas – Graduation Lantern (Hang Above Gift Table)
  3. Nancy’s Craft Spot – DIY Graduation Hat Card Box
  4. How Does She – Balloon Photo Display (Hang Above Gift Table)

Well that’s all I’ve got for today! I hope that you feel inspired and motivated to get to work on creating or purchasing the decorations for your coming graduation party! I know I am feeling super excited to get to work on my sister-in-law’s party this weekend!

I will catch you in the next post where we will be talking all about the food you will serve at your graduation party. I will have a buffet style menu idea, snacks and drinks, as well as recipes to go with them! You can click here to go to the next post!

And don’t forget, even though you are a busy mama, please be sure to take a moment for yourself today to breathe, relax, and enjoy your exciting life!

Have a beautiful day!

Krystal Idunate

PS: How is your party planning going? Let me know in the comments section what your biggest struggle is with planning your party for your graduate! I’d love to help!

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