30 Questions to Ask your Child BEFORE the First Day of School

Fall is on the horizon (literally less than a month away) and school season is upon us. As a fairly new parent of a 1 year old, this time of year has me thinking about our family’s future and about how quickly the time will go before we have a school aged child on our hands!

As a mom who works from home, sometimes it can be really difficult to fully engage in the time I spend with my husband and little girl… especially if I am not completely intentional about it. So, in combining the desire to be more intentional and more mindfully present with my family along with the school season beginning, I have decided to write a blog post all about questions to ask your children before their first day of school.

The end of summer and beginning of the school year comes with a whole host of emotions that your children will be feeling. Among these emotions are sadness, excitement, fear, motivation, loneliness, and more! By going through some (or all) of these questions with your child, you will be able to open up the conversation with them and allowing them to express these feelings. Then, you can help your child put away any fears and help better prepare your child for that first day/week of school by addressing any of their concerns.


So, now that you know why asking questions is important… let’s go ahead and jump into them! I have provided a list of 30 questions for you and broken them up into several topics for you. I have also provided a free downloadable PDF at the bottom of this list – that way you can print and have on hand to start different conversations over the next week.

30 Questions to Ask your Child BEFORE the 1st Day of School

30 Questions to Ask Your Child BEFORE the First Day of School Page 1
30 Questions to Ask Your Child BEFORE the First Day of School Page 2

As you can surely see, some of these questions are better for younger children and some can be for both younger and older students. I also think it is important to note that we encourage you to ask both positive and negative questions. I suggest this because sometimes, the negative questions can bring to light concerns your child has that you can help put to rest. They can also help you see areas of your child’s life at school that you may want to keep an eye and an ear on.

I hope you find these pre-school starting questions helpful for starting conversations with your children. For now, they will go into the back burner for me and will resurface in a few years when my little girls is off to school (but we still have at least 2-3 more years to go before that happens)!

Click on the link below for the free PDF version of these questions!

30 Questions to Ask Your Child BEFORE the 1st Day of School PDF

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Have a great weekend!

Krystal Idunate

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