The Best Picnic Decorations for Your Birthday Party: Picnic Party Part 3

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Welcome back to our blogging series all about planning a picnic themed birthday party. I am so excited you are here! Today, we are moving onto our next topic and talking about all of our ideas for picnic decorations at your picnic themed birthday party.  Since there are so many great decorations you can include in a picnic themed birthday party, I have decided to break up my ideas into six different picnic elements; including gingham, baskets, flowers, and more.

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Simple Picnic Decorations

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Now, let’s get started in today’s topic!

The Best Picnic Decorations for Your Birthday Party

1. Gingham

If you know anything about picnics, you know that a picnic is not a picnic without gingham. Gingham, which is a bold colored checkered fabric, is absolutely a picnic staple. Typically, you will find gingham displayed in the tablecloths covering a picnic table and the napkins for guests. Below, you will find a couple ideas for how to create a beautiful tablescape using gingham as well as a few more creative ways to include gingham at your picnic birthday party.

  1. Traditional Gingham Tablecloth Display – Meaningful Mama
  2. Rustic Tablescape with Gingham Napkins & Lanterns – Rustic Wedding Chic
  3. Gingham Fan Cupcake Topper – Spaceships and Laser Beams
  4. Gingham Printed Pinwheels – Kara’s Party Ideas
  5. Gingham Printed Food Labels – Kate Aspen

2. Baskets

This is another absolute essential for decorating your picnic themed birthday party. You can use either the traditional picnic baskets, or you could decorate using mini baskets and strawberry crates. Baskets are a great way to display your guest seating places by creating individual picnic lunches for each guest and having that basket placed at each guest’s spot. You can also use baskets to display your food, desserts, favors, and more! Check out the ideas below for some great inspiration!

  1. Picnic Lunch displayed in Baskets – The Little Umbrella
  2. Mini Cookie Baskets – Kara’s Party Ideas
  3. Dinner in a Box – Eric Kelley Photography

3. Flowers

The next thing on your picnic themed decorations list should be flowers. When planning a summer picnic, the best flower choices are always sunflowers and daisies. You can display them in baskets, jars, or tin cans. Don’t forget to add a little gingham ribbon accent to complete your look! Sunflowers and daisies not your thing? Red and white colored flowers are also a great option for a picnic theme! Here are some cute flower decoration ideas for you to use.

  1. Sunflower Dinnerware Caddy – Passion for Parties
  2. Daisy Tin Can Centerpieces – Kara’s Party Ideas
  3. Red and White Flowers – Easy Ideas

4. Mason Jars

When planning a picnic themed birthday party, you will certainly want to use some mason jars in your decorating! Mason jars make great display jars, drink glasses, dessert holders, and more. Need some inspiration? Take a look at the ideas below!

  1. Mason Jar Cups – Party City
  2. Mason Jar Centerpieces – Catch My Party (Heather G.)
  3. Mason Jar Utensil Caddy – One Krieger Chick

5. Fabric Banners

Whether holding your party inside or out, picnic themed fabric banners make a gorgeous addition to your picnic themed decorations. There are a lot of options when it comes to these banners. You can make your own DIY fabric banner by simply tying fabric scraps to a long piece of string. Use fabrics such as gingham, bandanna, reds, whites, and blue or yellow to give it a picnic feeling. Or, you could purchase a more professional looking banner that is either a mixture of fabric triangles, or has a word sewn onto it. If you are looking to simply purchase a banner to make things easier, we have created a fun picnic themed fabric banner just for you! Check out the photos of our banners as well as a few other ideas below.

  1. “PICNIC” Birthday Banner – Kitsch ‘n Whimsy (LINK)
  2. Fabric Scrap Banner – Passion for Parties
  3. Tied Fabric Banner – Love the Day
  4. Fabric Pendant Banner – Giggles Galore
  5. Fabric Pinked Edges Banner – A Little Frayed
  6. Paper Crafted Picnic Banner – Memories Blossom

6. Micellaneous Decoration Ideas

Now that you have all of your essential picnic themed decorations, you can add in a few more fun decorative touches. If you need a party entrance sign for your yard, why not look into a cool chalkboard sign! Make sure to supply your guests with some blankets to sit on in the yard and don’t forget to invite the ants!

  1. Chalkboard Main Sign – Party City
  2. Ants as Decor – Berries of Wisdom
  3. Teddy Bears and Blankets – Red Tricycle

So what do you think? Are you ready to go forth and decorate your picnic themed birthday party? As for me, these decoration ideas have definitely gotten me in the summer party planning mood!

Make sure you stop by this Friday because I have a delicious picnic party menu waiting for you! You won’t want to miss the awesome recipes we will be sharing with you all themed around skewers. Sounds fun, huh?

Until then, I hope you have a chance to enjoy your week and I look forward to talking with you at the end of it!

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