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Welcome to our BONUS blog for this month! I am super excited because we are taking our picnic topic in a different direction this morning and talking about everything you need to know and have for the perfect picnic date! And boy do we have some sweet treats for you!

Babies Picnic Date

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So to begin for today, I want to talk about 10 romantic picnic dates you can take your special someone on this summer. After that, I have created a special infographic that will show you all of the picnic essentials you won’t want to forget to pack when going on your date. Then finally, I have created a Picnic Packing Checklist that you can use to double check that you have everything you need! This checklist is available to you as a PDF download.

10 Romantic Picnic Date Ideas

1. Fun & Games Picnic

Frisbee Picnic Date

For this picnic date idea, you will need to pack a bag of games and outdoor toys to play with; like a Frisbee, a football, a deck of cards, and more. Then, head out to a park where you can picnic under a big tree or on a grassy lawn. After you are finished eating (and hopefully drinking some wine or champagne), challenge your date to some Frisbee or card games!

2. Kite Flying Picnic

Kite Flying Date

In this picnic date, I suggest packing two plain white starter kites along with some coloring items (paint, markers, crayons, etc). Then, either while you eat or afterwards, bring out the kites and markers and design kites for each other. Then, go out to a grassy hill and fly the kites together.

3. Music & Dancing Picnic

Music & Dancing Picnic Date

Don’t forget to bring along a small Bluetooth speaker or a boombox (old school) with you on this date! Put together a playlist of your favorite songs as a couple, then have the music playing while you eat! After you finish eating, make sure you ask your date to dance!

4. Cloud Watching Picnic

Cloud Watching Picnic Date

Pack a couple pieces of paper and some pencils when going on this date. When you have a moment of down time, bring them out and have your date and you gaze at the clouds and then draw what you see. Then evaluate each other’s drawings and guess what the shapes are!

5. Wine Tasting Picnic

Wine Tasting Picnic Date

For this date, you will want to pack a couple of bottles of wine along with some chocolates and cheeses. Then, while you picnic, you can taste all the different wines together and decide which one is your combined favorite! Just be sure that you don’t drive home after this date!

6. Bike Riding Picnic

Bike Riding Picnic Date

You will want to head out to a park with a trail for this date. Bring along your bikes and go on a long romantic bike ride together after you finish your picnic lunch!

7. Drive-In Movie Picnic

Drive-In Movie Picnic Date

For this date, deck out the back of your car with picnic blankets, pillows, and pack a delicious picnic lunch or dinner. Then head out to a nearby drive-in movie and have a picnic in the back of your car while you watch the movies. You may even be able to catch a double feature movie if you’re lucky!

8. Sunrise/Sunset Picnic

Sunrise Breakfast Picnic Date

Watch the sunrise or sunset together while you picnic. If you are catching the sunrise, be sure to pack a breakfast themed picnic meal along with a few thermoses of hot coffee! On the other hand, if you are going to see the sunset together, then you will want to bring along some desserts and possibly some hot chocolate or wine!

9. Fishing Picnic

Fishing Picnic Date

This date should take place at a park or campground that has access to a lake or river. After you finish your lunch (or before), bring out your fishing gear and spend the afternoon fishing together. Bonus points if you are able to then cook up some of those fish for dinner that night!

10. Canoeing Picnic

Canoeing Picnic Date

For this last romantic picnic date, deck out a canoe with picnic blankets, cushions, and a tray of picnic food. Then row out on a lake or a river and have a picnic on the water! It may not be the most efficient way of picnicking, but it sure would be romantic!

Now that you are armed with ten super romantic picnic dates, you will want to know what you should pack! Lucky for you, I have created this all inclusive packing guide to tell you exactly what to pack for taking your special someone on a perfect picnic date! 

Picnic Date Essentials Infographic

And, just in case you are like me and want a hard copy checklist, here is a PDF Picnic Packing Checklist for you to use! You can get your very own Picnic Packing Checklist PDF by clicking on the link below to download!

Picnic Packing Checklist

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic and find both the infographic and the PDF checklist helpful when planning your own picnic date this summer. If you do choose to go on one of these dates, please let us know in the comments below! We would love to know how it goes for you!

Next week begins our newest party planning series, and I am super excited to get started with it. I can now officially announce that our next party series will be for a Glamping Bachelorette Party! Since we are in full blown summer, glamping is a great unique idea for partying with your girlfriends before your big day. So, be sure to stop by on Monday to hear all about what we have in store for you!

Until then, enjoy your day and we will see you next week!

Krystal Idunate

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