Paris Party Prep: Invitations, Decorations, & Favors [A Paris Party Guide – Part 1]

Every mother dreams of throwing her little girl the “dream” birthday celebration. You know the one… the party that all of her friends will be talking about for weeks to come. Where the decorations are flawless, the food is immaculate, and the activities are most memorable! When contemplating what the ultimate, dreamy party theme would be for any little girl, we can’t help but think of Paris.

To a girl, Paris symbolizes extravagance, love/romance, royalty, style, art and more. Having a Paris themed birthday party would be the ultimate wish come true… and this month, we are going to help you make this dream a reality! Are you ready to get started?

Today, we are jumping into your Paris party prep and giving you ideas for all of your invitations, decorations, and party favors. We have some really great ideas that we just know you are going to love.

This post will be the first in a series of three blog posts that will give you a complete guide for throwing a Paris themed birthday party. Each Monday, we will release the next post in the series and follow up with a bonus post at the end of the month. We hope you will join us for the entire series! If you want to keep in the know, don’t miss out on signing up for our email newsletter!

Eiffel Tower

Paris Birthday Party Invitations

There are a variety of different kinds of Paris themed birthday parties that you can choose to throw your daughter. If your little girl is a fan of American Girl Dolls (or like dolls), you can throw an American Girl in Paris themed birthday party!

  1. American Girl in Paris Invitation – Lynlee’s 
  2. Paris Baking Birthday Party with Dolls – Bradford Party Designs 

Another option is to just focus on baking and throw a Paris Baking Birthday Party. You could focus on decorating cupcakes, cookies, french pastries, or all three!

  1. Rolling Pin Birthday Invitations – Something Wonderful Happened 
  2. Oui Oui the Twins are Three – Pizzazzerie 

A third type of Paris party would be focused on the traveling aspect and sending postcard or passport type invitations to get the feel. Then focus your party on different aspects of the French culture!

  1. Postcard to Paris Invitation – Simone Made It 
  2. Passport Invitation – Catch My Party 

Or, how about throwing a Paris Painting Party! This seems very artsy and French all at the same time.

Paris Paint Party Invitation
  1. Paris Paint Party Invitation – Simone Made It 

No matter which way you go, all of these Paris party invitations are super cute and sure to please! I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of these!

Paris Birthday Party Decorations

When decorating a Paris birthday party, you will want to use elements such as metal (think Eiffel Towers), polka dots, bold stripes, vibrant colors (black, white, pink, and teal), roses,  fancy frames and mirrors, artsy drawings, and more!

We scoured the internet (and Pinterest, of course) and found six Paris party decoration ideas that we are just drooling over! Each of these decoration ideas gets the extravagant, artsy, stylish feel that we imagine Paris exuding. We love that these speak so much to what every girl sees in her Paris dreams of Paris.We hope these ideas truly give you some inspiration for your event!

  1. American Girl in Paris Backdrop – Lynlee’s 
  2. PARIS Metal Letters – Lynlee’s 
  3. Dessert Table Backdrop Patisserie – Hostess with the Mostess 
  4. Paris Table Hand Drawn Background – Catch My Party 
  5. Damask Lanterns – Birthday Express 
  6. Party Table Decor – Birthday Express 

Paris Birthday Party Favors

This last category is the last to think about for your party prep… and that is what to send your guests home with! When thinking of really fun party favors, keep in mind some of the most well known icons of Paris: bulldogs, fancy aprons, poodles, macaroons, Eiffel Towers, and on!

In our search, here are six ideas that we think are definitely note worthy and that we feel would make adorable party favors for your little girl’s party guests! Plus, they definitely add the cherry on top for making your party pictures “Pinterest-worthy”!

  1. Bulldogs & Aprons – Lynlee’s 
  2. French Patisserie Favor Box – Lynlee’s 
  3. Paris Wall Art Party Favor – Catch My Party 
  4. Poodle in a Party Favor Box – Birthday Express 
  5. Paris Apron & Chef Hats – Kitsch ‘n Whimsy 
  6. Paris Macaroon Soap Favors –  Sweetbody Soaps 

So what do you think? Are you feeling inspired to throw your little one a Paris themed party for their next birthday? What kind of Paris party will you throw?

We can’t wait to post again next Monday and get to the next topic we are talking about in this Paris Party Planning Guide: The Paris Party Menu! We have a TON of delicious ideas for you that you won’t want to miss. Be sure to stop back by next Monday for the next installment in our series. In the meantime, you may also want to check back with us on Friday to catch our new Friday monthly blogging series and don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of this page!

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Krystal & Jodie

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