Paris Party Menu: Parisian Brunch & Desserts [ A Paris Party Guide – Part 2]

Often when you think of Paris, amazing French food quickly comes to mind. Paris is not only well known for its beauty… but also for its great taste in food!

When throwing a Paris themed birthday party, it is just as important to carefully plan your Paris party menu as it is to plan the invitations, decorations, and favors. In fact, your menu may be even more important because the experience of eating traditional French food has the ability to transport your imagination right into the heart of the City of Lights itself!

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That’s why we are dedicating our entire post today to helping you plan your Paris party menu! In our menu suggestions to follow, we have carefully selected our cuisine items to reflect the smells, tastes and heart of Paris. We hope these ideas will help get you started on your own Paris party menu that will surely delight your party guests.

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Let’s get started on our Paris party menu planning!

Paris Party Main Course

Since the most well known, traditional French food happens to be breakfast type food, we think having your main course be a variety of brunch items would be the perfect idea! You could serve a bunch of different brunch items or just have a crepe making station for your party guests. Below we have collected a variety of delicious and traditional French breakfast/brunch foods for you to look through and gather inspiration by!

  1. French Crepes – Innocent Delight 
  2. Chicken Salad Croissants – Oh Sugar Event Planning 
  3. Strawberry Lemonade Madeleines – Crumb Blog 
  4. Rosewater Cream Puffs – Honest and Tasty
  1. Eclairs – Unknown
  2. Cheese Puff – Beau Coup
  3. French Apple Tarts –Beau Coup
  4. Croque Madame – Better Recipes

Paris Party Desserts

And of course you simply cannot have a party without the desserts. Lucky for you, Paris also is home to some of the most delicious dessert food. Below, we have gathered ideas that are both traditional French in nature, but also some more Americanized desserts that are made to resemble Paris/French icons. Again, we hope you find these ideas inspirational for planning your own Paris party dessert menu!

  1. Eiffel Tower Cupcake Toppers – Cakes by Angela 
  2. Macaroons Decorated – Lynlee’s 
  3. Paris Cake Pops – Kara’s Party Ideas 
  4. Homemade Macaroons – Sugary Winzy
  1. Decorated Cookies – Unknown
  2. Eiffel Tower Sheet Cake – Mustard Seed Market
  3. Paris Cake – Cakes Decor
  4. Mini Macaroon Cupcakes – Beau Coup
  1. Crepe Cake – Beau Coup 
  2. No Bake Pink Lemonade Cakes – Pink Piccadilly Pastries 
  3. Gourmet Paris Cake – Catch My Party
  4. Rose Decorated Desserts – Marry Moon at Wonderland

Seriously… how amazing does this all look?! All I can say, is that I am now hungry for some French food ASAP! What kind of food will you be serving at your Paris themed party? Will you go with more traditional French food? Or stick with more creative American foods?

We hope you have found these ideas helpful in planning your Paris birthday party! If you are loving this Paris party series so far, then make sure you don’t miss the final installment for this party guide on Monday next week. We will be delving into my favorite party planning topic: games and activities! We hope to see you back on Monday! (Don’t forget to swing by our blog on Friday mornings too so you can catch our monthly home maintenance blog series as well!)

We hope you have a wonderful week!

Krystal & Jodie

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