Paris Party Games and Activities [A Paris Party Guide – Part 3]

We believe that when it comes to party planning, the absolute most important element of your party are the games and activities. These are what your guests will remember for years to come and what makes your child’s birthday so special! As it relates to your Paris party, there are many games and activities you can plan to take your Paris theme to the next level.

Today, we are thrilled to bring a bunch of Paris party games and activities to the table! We have a ton of ideas that we know you are just going to love. In fact, we believe the hardest part may be deciding which ones to do! Let’s dive in!

Paris Party Games

1. Paris Baking Bingo

This game is a simple, yet fun bingo game that can act as a party ice breaker! The images are all related to baking except the free space… which is an Eiffel Tower of course! The bingo cards are available as a free download on The Crafting Chicks blog! We think this would be a great game for the start of your party!

Paris Baking Bingo
The Crafting Chicks

2. Poodle Pinata

Pinatas are a little kid’s party staple… and how adorable is this Poodle Pinata! When you are throwing a party for little kids, it’s always a good idea to play a game that helps them expend some of their pent up energy. Smacking around a pinata is a great option for this!

Poodle Piniata
Kara's Party Ideas

3. Pin the Bow on the Poodle

This is another Paris twist on a classic birthday game! Instead of pinning the tail on a donkey, draw up a giant poodle (like this beautiful one by Pink Patent Maryjanes) and make some cute glittery bows! Then have your party guests attempt to “pin” the bow on the poodle.

Pin the Bow on the Poodle
Pink Patent Maryjanes

4. Speak French Game

Last, but certainly not least, this fun printable game is all about the French language! This game would be great as an icebreaker for slightly older girls. We love that the words are related to birthdays and celebrations! Best of all, your party guests will be able to continue using these new French words for the remainder of the party! The game is offered as a free download over at Fancy Nancy World!

Speak French Game
Fancy Nancy World

Paris Party Activities

1. French Painting

The French culture is known for their great artists. We absolutely LOVE the idea of incorporating this integral part of the French culture into your Paris themed party. To do so, you will need to purchase a wooden easel, paint brushes, various paints, and canvases for each party guest.

You can have them all of the painting supplies pre set up on the dining table so each girl can claim a spot when she comes in. Then, lead the girls in painting an iconic Paris item, such as an Eiffel Tower, a Poodle, the French flag, a French girl/boy, and more!

Once they are done painting, they get to take it home with them as a party favor! You can also take this one step further and have a painting apron, beret, and fake mustache waiting at each spot as well. That way the girls (and boys) can get totally into the Paris mind frame when painting!

  1. Eiffel Tower Painting – Shindigz Party Ideas 
  2. Poodle Painting – Sweet Jane Parties 

2. Dessert Decorating (French Patisserie)

Similar to the painting party, for a French Patisserie Baking Party, you will need to gather up a bunch of dessert decorating supplies – such as frosting, sprinkles, cupcake toppers, candies, and more.

Then, bake up a bunch of plain desserts… such as sugar cookies, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, homemade macaroons, and more! Have these all set out and ready for the party guests to decorate! Then, after everyone arrives and you are ready to get things started, let the kids loose on decorating whatever they like!

You can then provide each of the guests with a dessert box to bring their treats home in, and you can even have these boxes designed to look like different Paris symbols! This is another party activity where you can also provide your guests with aprons and chef’s hats as extra special party favors! That way, you have the perfect photo opportunities AND nobody gets dirty!

  1. Cupcake Decorting – Lynlee’s
  2. Cookie Decorating – Birthday Express

3. Paris Themed Photo Booths

One of the most beloved things we get from our birthday parties (or any party for that matter) are the fun photos we take to remember the special occasion! So why not make photos one of your party activities!? You can supply your guests with some fun photo props and even go so far as to make a fun Paris themed backdrop! Then encourage your guests to take turns taking photos with each other using the Paris themed props!

Some ideas for props are word bubbles with French phrases, berets, striped shirts and suspenders, mustaches, Eiffel Towers and other Paris monuments, and more! You can let your imagination run wild with this… and so can your guests! At the end of your party, you will have countless fun photos to remember the fun you had at your Paris party!

  1. Paris Themed Photo Booth – Adoro
  2. Little Girls Photo Booth – Lynlee’s

4. Paris Pretend Play

This last idea is also super fun for little girls. You can set up a fun pretend Patisserie like the one above for your party guests to play with. They can become pretend pastry chefs and play in their pretend bakery with pretend food!

Alternatively, you could provide your party guests with a trunk full of avant garde clothing and accessories for the little girls to have a full on fashion show. After all, Paris is also well known for their fashion! Have the little girls go through the trunk of clothes and put on a fashion show for all their moms before they leave for the day! You just need a pretend runway and some fun music to strut to! This is also a fun way to get some photos of your party!

  1. Patisserie – Pizzazzerie
  2. Paris Fashion Show – Birthday Express

See what we mean about having a hard time deciding? We just love all of these ideas and think any of them would make your Paris party a complete success with your party guests! Which activities will you chose to have at your Paris party?

Well, that completes our Paris party guide! We hope we were able to help you brainstorm and plan your Paris themed party by providing you with many wonderful ideas! Even though our Paris party planning series is complete, we still have one more Paris themed post coming next Monday! On Monday, we are revealing our favorite Paris themed bedrooms for little girls! If you are planning on decorating (or redecorating) your daughter’s bedroom with a Paris theme, then this post is something you won’t want to miss!

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We hope you have a wonderful week!

Krystal & Jodie

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