How to Organize a Small Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Living in a small space (apartment or home) can be really tough. We’ve all been there… having to deal with too much stuff in one tiny living space, with awkwardly designed rooms, and with ridiculously small kitchens! Then, if you couple this with the fact that small home/apartment living usually comes hand in hand with tight budgets, it can be an absolute nightmare! That is why we LOVE inexpensive organizational hacks. Especially learning new ways to organize a small kitchen!

Finding creative ways to organize your small spaces can truly be a lifesaver. It can help you store things in unexpected, but creative places. It can encourage you to declutter and donate if necessary. It can also help to lower your stress by helping your home feel less disorderly.

Today, we are happy to feature a small college student home with a very small and awkward kitchen space. The girls that live in this home have utilized various organizational hacks that are both creative and inexpensive. We hope that these ideas will help to provide you with ideas, inspiration, and encouragement in how to get creative in your own small kitchen space!

Organizational Hacks for Small Kitchens on a Tight Budget

This tiny kitchen is a part of a small town-home located right outside a college campus. The current residents, Haley and Carly, have put their minds together to problem solve storage space solutions in this awkwardly designed kitchen.

Full Kitchen Horizontal

Since there is virtually zero cupboard space, the girls really had to think about storage solutions that made their kitchenware look decorative while still being functional. Their first inexpensive storage hack was to purchase these strips of hooks, to mount on a soffit above the kitchen counter, and use them to hang their coffee mugs. Some of the strips of hooks were found at  Home Depot. They also found an even cheaper version of a mountable bar and hooks at Ikea! (**FYI: I am not an affiliate of any company/product linked to… I am just letting you know where to find the products these girls used or something very similar!**)

Next, they needed to figure out what to do with their wine glasses. So, they purchased this wine glass rack and mounted it on the underneath of the soffit. This helps to keep the glassware out of the cupboards (allowing storage for other dishware and food) but also out of the way.

Wine Glass Race

Next, Haley and Carly turned their attention to their kitchen cooking utensils. Since they also didn’t have a lot of drawer space to work with, they needed a different solution for holding all of their cooking tools. So, they found this super cute utensil cup that serves as a wonderful kitchen decoration but is also super functional in holding all their cookware!

Utensil Cup Holder & Oven

They also put up a few 3M hooks on the side of their soffit, next to their oven, to hang up their oven mitts. This helps them always have an oven mitt within arms reach while cooking!

Hanging Oven Mitts

While they were busy hanging hooks and strips of hooks on their walls, they also went ahead and hung up two small wooden shelves to act as their kitchen spice shelves. They found these super inexpensive shelves at their local Ikea store!

Spice Racks

Another great idea they had for their everyday cup storage solution was to use this cup caddy. They love to use their mug mason jar cups for everyday drinks and this caddy is able to be hung from a close by kitchen storage cart for easy access!

Glass Mug Storage

Since these two girls seemed to just love hanging everything up, they couldn’t resist this awesome kitchen cupboard hack! They found this magazine holder in the Target dollar aisle and proceeded to hang it on the inside cabinet under the kitchen sink using 3M removable hooks. Then, they stuffed all of their plastic and tin foil wraps inside. This helped them to free up an entire drawer for other storage… which in a small kitchen, you can use any extra space you can get!

Next, they turned their attention on creative solutions for storing their measuring cups and spoons. Since these get a lot of use in measuring out their spices, Haley and Carly thought that hanging all of them under their spice racks using the left over 3M hooks would be the perfect idea! Plus, it looks super cute!

Hanging Measuring Items 2

Since they didn’t have the wall space available to put up a paper towel holder and they wanted to conserve as much counter space as possible, Haley and Carly came up with the genius idea of mounting a paper towel holder on the half wall next to their sink! I love how they used an everyday storage item in such an unexpected way!

Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Finally, the girls wanted to add a little brightness to their kitchen. So they found this inexpensive wall pendant in the Target dollar aisle to hang above their stove. How super cute is that!?

We loved touring this small kitchen space and seeing how these two girls used their minds to come up with such awesome organization hacks that made their space much more pleasing to the eye as well as functional! Thank you so much Haley and Carly! Here is one last look at their amazing collage home kitchen!

Full Kitchen Vertical

Do you have a small, awkward or both kitchen that you are working with? What are some organization hacks you have created? What are areas you are still struggling with? We would love to help!

We hope that today’s post has inspired and encouraged you to design creative solutions for your own kitchens. We know that we feel inspired by Haley and Carly!

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Until then, have a great weekend!

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