Kids Halloween Party Activities: Guide – Part 3

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“Ghosts, goblins, spooks galore, scary witches at your door. Jack-O-Lanterns shining bright. Wishing you a haunting night.”

Halloween parties are one of our favorite kinds of parties to throw for little kids. There’s the spooktacular decorations, the scary good menu ideas, and best of all, the spellbinding Halloween party activities!

Today, we are bringing you three of our favorite Halloween party activity ideas that are sure to amaze your party guests. We can’t wait to tell you all about them… so let’s get started!

Halloween Painted Pumpkins

Painted Pumpkin Group Shot
Painted Pumpkin Witch Close Up
Painted Pumpkin Frankenstein Close Up
Painted Pumpkin Cat Close Up
Painted Pumpkin Cat Close Up

We LOVE painting pumpkins at Halloween parties for kids! Painting pumpkins is so much cleaner (or can be) than having to carve out a bunch of pumpkins and it allows for even more creativity. For our painted pumpkins, we found some face stickers that went perfectly with the characters we wanted to paint at Target (Frankenstein, Witch, & Cat). So that made things even easier for us. But, you can also paint the face instead if you wish.

This activity dates back to many years ago when we had our own family Halloween Party – way back before Pinterest ever existed! So when planning out a Kids Halloween Party this year, tons of memories of our painted pumpkins flooded back and we decided we just had to include it!

If you love our painted pumpkins, check out this awesome step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make these yourself! We will even show you how to paint on the faces instead of using these adorable pumpkin stickers we found from Target! (Tutorial coming 10/21).

Halloween Paper Dolls

Halloween Paper Dolls Top View
Halloween Paper Dolls Close Up 2
Halloween Paper Dolls Close Up 3

This is a super fun activity to do with kids that are a little younger, especially girls. These are paper doll kits that we have created which come with the dolls, glue, crayons, fabric, and sequins. However, you could also assemble your own kits if you so chose.

For this activity, you would give each party guest a paper doll kit and provide them with kid scissors. Then the children would cut clothes for their dolls out of the fabrics, glue them on the dolls, and color/sequin the dolls to finish them! Then, you could even hole punch them and string them up as a fun, creative party banner.

Halloween Costume Contest

Vote Costume Contest Printable
Party Box Design
Costume Contest Ballot
Sunny Sweet Days
Costume Contest Awards
Studio DIY
Mother-Daughter Pirate Costume Aprons
Girl's Witch Costume Apron
Mother-Daughter Pumpkin Costume Aprons
Spider Crown DIY
Delia Creates
Skeleton Trophies
Make It Love It

We believe every Halloween party should have some type of costume contest – after all, dressing up in a Halloween costume is probably the most fun part of the whole event! So, to make the dressing up even more fun and to help guarantee that most, if not all of your guests dress up, this activity is a must.

Here is where you can find these awesome costume party printables, costumes, and prizes!


  1. Vote Costume Contest Printable – Party Box Design
  2. Costume Contest Ballot – Sunny Sweet Days
  3. Costume Contest Awards – Studio DIY


  1. Costume Aprons – Kitsch ‘n Whimsy


  1. Spider Crown –  Delia Creates  
  2. Skeleton Trophies – Make It Love It

And with that, our 2016 Kids Halloween Party Guide is finished. What did you think? What was your favorite part of this party guide?

Even though our Party Guide is completed, you will definitely want to keep checking back with us this month! Still to come, we have a tutorial post coming this Friday on how to make our painted pumpkins, a guide for how to dress up our 2016 Kitsch ‘n Whimsy Halloween Costume Aprons scheduled for Monday, and more!

We hope you have a Spooktacular week and we will see you again this Friday!

Krystal & Jodie

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