Homemade Sloppy Joe’s

These homemade sloppy joe’s are so much tastier than a canned sauce! Once you try making them for yourself, you will never go back again. Not only are these sloppy joe’s crazy delicious, they are also very easy to make. Also, you probably already have most of the ingredients!

Sloppy Joe't Title Image

1. Gather your ingredients and chop your veggies.

Sloppy Joe's Ingredients

2. Cook your beef with the onions and pepper until all of the meat is brown.

Brown Meat with Onion and Pepper
Browned Meat

3. Add the next 10 ingredients (up to the flour) to your meat. Cook until the mixture is heated all the way through and has thickened from the flour.

4. Put meat mixture in a slow cooker on low heat until ready to serve, or serve immediately. I like to serve my Sloppy Joe’s with spicy pickles and pepper jack cheese!


Yumm! Hope you enjoy!

Krystal Idunate

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