Halloween Spider Paper Lantern Tutorial

halloween spider paper lantern

Oh what a wonderful web we weave, when we gather our friends for All Hallows Eve.

When it comes to decorating our homes for Halloween, there are so many spooky (but still kid friendly) elements to choose from… cauldrons, pumpkins, monsters, ghosts, and more! No Halloween would be complete, however, without some form of spider/spider webbing decoration!

Today, we are pleased to present you with a fun, easy, and super inexpensive Halloween spider paper lantern decoration tutorial. We made this decoration for our Kids Halloween Party set up reveal this month and LOVED the way it turned out! Let’s get started!



  • Black Paper Lanterns (the biggest you can find) – We found ours at Hobby Lobby
  • Black & White Felt
  • Paper Lantern
  • A Roll of Black Party Streamers
  • Glue Gun
  • Nails, Tacks, or Duck Tape
  • Printable Spider Face Pattern


1. Put together the paper lantern and plug in glue gun.

Paper Lantern

2. Using our free Printable Spider Face Pattern, cut out two sets of each eye pattern and two sets of spider fangs out of the white felt. You should have two large eyes, two medium eyes, two small eyes, and two fangs. Then, cut a single spider mouth out of the black felt.

Spider Face Pattern
Spider Face Cut Out

3. Glue fangs into place on the mouth piece. Glue the mouth piece and six eyes onto your black lantern. You spider face is now done.

Glue on Mouth
Glue on Eyes

4. Measure the distance you wish your spider body to hang from the ceiling. Cut one piece of streamer 2x the length of your measurement. Loop the piece of streamer under the wire bar on the topside of your spider lantern. Using your nails, tacks or tape, attach the streamer ends to your ceiling, letting the lantern hang down. Next, cut a piece of streamer 2.5 times your measurement. Loop this second piece of streamer over the wire loop on the bottom side of your spider lantern. Attach the ends of this streamer loop to your ceiling as well, making sure to check the angle of your spider face to be sure it is facing at the angle you wish.

Attached to Ceiling
Attach to Ceiling

5.  Cut four equal sized strips out of your roll of black streamers to become your spider legs (you can do more if you like as well).Using your glue gun, glue one end of each leg streamer to the sides of your spider lantern – two streamers on each side.

Glue on Streamer Legs
Spider almost done!

6. Finally, attach the middle of each streamer leg to your ceiling to create your spider legs.Voila! You now have a giant not-too-scary spider decoration for your Halloween party! Now sit back and enjoy seeing the delighted faces of your kids friends’ faces!

Finished spider Lantern

If you make this decoration for your party, make sure to post a photo on social media with the hashtag #KNWcrafts so we can see them!

Want more Halloween decoration ideas? Check out our 2016 Kids Halloween Party Guide – Part 1 post  from earlier this week or visit our Pinterest Halloween Party Board!

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Until next time,

Krystal & Jodie

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