Halloween Ghost Windows DIY Tutorial


“Ghost Hug! You can’t feel it, but it’s there.”

Halloween is drawing nearer and nearer! Only three more days until it is here… can you believe it?!? Hopefully you are all prepared with your costumes thoughtfully picked out, candy all stocked up, and Halloween decorations all in place. However, if you are anything like us, then you probably are not ready at all and are stressed out over how you can quickly (and cheaply) decorate your house in time! Well today, we are coming to your rescue with this quick, easy, and inexpensive Halloween decoration that is a true show stopper: our Halloween Ghost Windows!

This Halloween decoration is another family memory from the time when all of the kids in our family were little. We can remember making these window decorations and being so excited over having a ghost in our own room’s windows! The best part about this decoration: they weren’t spooky! We were never fans of the spooky, creepy, give you nightmares Halloween decorations (or movies for that matter). So, these were the perfect solution! If you have young children at home in your own families, then we hope these Ghost Window Decorations will be the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations as well.



  • Black Felt (Enough to cover your whole window)
  • White Chalk
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • White Tissue Paper
  • FREE Ghost Face Patterns


1. Plug in glue gun. While glue is heating up, measure window you wish to cover. Cut black felt to window size or, if your window is larger than the size of 1 sheet of felt, glue sheets of felt together to create a single piece large enough to fit your window. (Alternatively, you can purchase felt by the yard at your local fabric shop instead of purchasing multiple 8×11 sheets.)

2. Print our FREE Ghost Face Patterns, cut out face shapes and position on black felt window piece. Using white chalk, trace ghost face pieces onto black felt window piece.


3. Cut face out of black felt window piece.


4. Place 1 sheet of white tissue paper on top of ghost window piece and cut tissue paper to exact size. Glue tissue paper to felt with glue gun. (Note: the tissue paper’s purpose is to block outsiders from seeing inside your windows at night.)

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for additional ghost window decorations.


6. Using glue gun, place dabs of glue in each corner of the felt ghost window piece. Then, glue to the inside of the windows. (Note: Hot glue can be peeled away from windows once Halloween season has passed.)


8. Your ghost window decorations are now complete and in place! Enjoy in the daylight and the nighttime!


Isn’t that a super simple decoration! If you love it, you still have plenty of time to put these up in your own home! If you do make this decoration for your home, make sure to post a photo on social media with the hashtag #KNWcrafts so we can see them!

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We are almost done with our Halloween post topics for the year! BUT, we have one last Halloween themed post coming your way on Monday – the BIG day! In our post, we will be featuring a real DIY haunted barn and showing you all the amazing decorations, tricks, and tips these haunted barn builders have in store for their bi-annual party this year!

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Until next time,

Krystal & Jodie

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