5 Glamping Themed Activities for your Bachelorette Party: A Glamping Party Guide – Part 6

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I hope the weather is as nice wherever you are reading this as it is here! We have a HOT weekend with lots of sunshine on the horizon. I’m super excited that you are here today to dive into our next glamping party planning topic with me! Today, we are going to discuss five different glamping themed activities for you to have at your bachelorette party. DON’T WORRY though… we are going to be talking about unique and mostly clean activities.

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Back when I was planning my own bachelorette party (which will have been three years ago from this August!!!), I didn’t want my party to be the typical dirty kind of party, or to be only focused on drinking. I wanted to allow all of my friends, siblings, and cousins – many of which were not of drinking age yet. I also wanted to do something super unique, outdoors, active, and relatively clean. SO, I choose to host a glamping bachelorette party – much like the one we have been working through over the past 3 weeks. Many of the following ideas were activities and games that we actually had at my party, and they were all a total blast! I can’t wait to share them with you now!

5 Glamping Themed Activities for your Bachelorette Party

1. Get on the Water

When planning your glamping trip with your girlfriends, make sure that wherever your campsite is, that is is near a body of water. This could be a lake, a pond, or preferably a river! Then, gather together a couple canoes or kayaks and bring them with you to your campsite! Alternatively, you could rent canoes/kayaks from a rental company by a river instead – many camp parks will have a rental company that provides the equipment for you.

Once you have the major equipment, have each of your girls put on some kind of bachelorette party attire,  pack up a few coolers of drinks for the ride, and head out on the water! Some fun bachelorette attire could be things like a hair piece, a fun shirt, a crazy necklace, etc.

When I hosted my own bachelorette party almost three years ago, we did just this. I contacted all of my friends who had kayaks, brought them to our campsite, and then kayaked down the river to a fun little boutique town. I had all of my girls (and myself of course) wear bedazzled mini top hats so everybody would know what we were up to. We had so much fun on the river. It was a blast to do something active and completely unique with my girlfriends.

Bride-to-be Kayaking @ Bachelorette Party
Girls Kayaking @ Bachelorette Party

Here is a fun photo of me and my friends in our kayaks – you can check out our mini hats and the big smiles we were all wearing!

2. Attend a Local Art Fair

This is another fun activity that I had planned for my bachelorette party. When planning your party, check out local craft/art fairs that are occurring during the month(s) you are debating on. You can then find out if any of the campsites are close enough to these events to walk, bike, kayak, or drive to.

Then, while still in their bachelorette party attire, take all of your girls to the fair and walk the streets! You never know what kinds of awesome products you can find at these street fairs!

You could even take it one step further, and create a fun scavenger hunt for your girls to complete at the fair. You could have them looks for items with specific characteristics and take photos of/with them. (Just be forewarned that many vendors may not want photos taken of their products for fear of having you copy them… it is possible that if you tell them the reason for your photo that they may let you do it! But don’t be offended if they say no – just make sure you always ask!!!) Or, you could give each girl a small amount of cash and make it a competition to find the coolest item within that budget.

Street Fair

3. Backyard Movie Night

This is another activity (found at Intimate Weddings) that looks like a great idea for your bachelorette glamping party! You can set up a mini movie screen using a white sheet or a blow up screen, then use a projector with a small sound system to watch and listen. You could watch some really fun romantic comedies with your friends – “Bridesmaids” anybody?

Backyard Movie Night

4. Spice Things Up

This activity is all about having your friends help you come up with some date night ideas to help you spice up your marriage! Instead of the traditional date idea boxes for couples that you see as a wedding activity (like this one at Wedding Wire), have your girlfriends let their imaginations run wild in coming up with romantic, sexy date ideas for you and your future hubby! Trust me, you will need those “spicy” ideas sooner than later once you are newlyweds!

Date Night Jar

5. Classic Bachelorette Games

These games are a play on traditional bachelorette party games, but with a glamping twist (or made to be somewhat cleaner than usual).

a. Pin the Junk on the Hunk

This is a super funny game that I found on Pinterest. (I did not play this at my party) If you are looking for an activity that keeps you a little closer to home… or to your tent, then this would be a lot of fun to play with your girlfriends.

I like how this game’s concept is a little dirty at it’s core, but that it is kept clean by making the “junk” actual tools, food, and manly gear. To play the game, have each girl select one or two pieces of junk, blindfold them one at a time, and have them try to “pin” the “junk” on the hunk!

Pin the Junk on the Hunk

b. Campfire Stories

For this activity by Long on Love, hand out a piece of paper to each of your party comers. Then, ask them to write a story down of an experience they had with you. Once they have completed writing down their stories, have them place all the stories in a container.

Then, later that night when you are all sitting around a campfire, break out the “campfire stories” and read them each allowed. The bride has to then guess who each of the stories was written by – and hopefully she remembers!

Campfire Stories

c. Bachelorette Balderdash

This game was created by Designs by Miss Mandee and is made to be similar to the real Balderdash game but with a bachelorette twist! Print off Mandee’s prompts or come up with your own. Then follow the traditional Balderdash game rules – have each girl write an answer to the prompt. Then gather all the prompts together, have the bride read off each of the answers and guess who said what. Points are given out for correct answers and correct guesses!

Bachelorette Balderdash

5. Lingerie Games

These games will help to make the gift opening/lingerie revealing much more fun! I had my bachelorette party guests play both of these games, and we had SO much fun with them both!

a. Guess the Panties

For this game, you will have to ask each of your party guests to bring a pair of underwear in your size that they feel reflects their own personality. Then, when the bride is not looking, hang up all the underwear on some kind of cloths line. Let them sit there for a while so the bride can really think it over. Then, have the bride guess who brought what! This game will be a big cause for lots of laughter. Here is an example of the underwear clothing line from Texas Craft House.

Underwear Clothing Line

b. Create a Lingerie Menu for the Honeymoon

This last activity is a fun one for both the bride and the guests, and is perfect for making gift opening more fun! For this game, you should let your guests know that as the bride-to-be opens her lingerie gifts, you will all come up with a name for each item/outfit together. Then, the maid of honor or another party comer should write down each of the names as you go through the gifts.

After the party is over, the bride-to-be or whoever wrote down the names can compile them into a fun Menu (document) for the bride to take with her on the honeymoon! Once the happy couple arrives to their destination, the bride can present this special menu to her new husband! This menu idea is super fun because it causes a little more anticipation and fun for both husband and wife while on their honeymoon! Here are two examples I found of this menu!

Lingerie Menu 1

In this one by Create and Celebrate, I love how the little peppers were placed next to the names to show the husband just how “spicy” that outfit is!

Lingerie Menu 2

This one I found on Pinterest is nicely put together and I love the names the party came up with!

So… how fun do all of these games sound! I can tell you from experience that you will have a blast doing any of these games/activities. I hope I have helped you to brainstorm some really great things you can do at your bachelorette party and have make the planning process a little easier for you. If you use any of these ideas for your party, I would love to hear how it went! Do you have any other ideas for activities/games to play at a glamping bachelorette party?

That’s all for today friend! I hope you will come back this Monday because we will be wrapping up our party guide with our last topic: the party favors. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list as well.

Until then, I hope you have an awesome weekend and that you are able to get out and enjoy the nice weather!

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