5 Glamping Bachelorette Party Favors: A Glamping Party Guide – Part 7

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Welcome to the last topic of our Glamping Bachelorette Party Guide – the Glamping Bachelorette Party Favors! Today, I am going to talk about five different glamping bachelorette party favors that would make the perfect small gift to give your girlfriends at your party! With each of the five party favors, I have found a few adorable examples for you to examine for yourself!

If this you first time reading on our blog, I would love it if you would also check out the other six parts of this seven part party planning series! We have already talked about everything from the invitations to the menu and activities. You really won’t want to miss it. You can get to any of the other posts in this series by clicking on the links below!

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So, are you ready to get talking about favors? Let’s go!

5 Glamping Bachelorette Party Favors

1. Sleeping Masks

Since you will be sleeping in tents and most likely around other campers, a sleeping mask for each of your girls could be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a rocky bedtime! These three examples are SUPER cute and could be either DIY’ed or purchased through a site like Etsy!

  1. Night Owl Sleeping Masks – DIY Decoracao
  2. DIY Masks – DIY Real
  3. Cute Fabric Masks – Pinterest

2. Gifts in a Jar

When camping, gifts in jars make a perfect girlfriend present! I love each of these ideas and I know you will too. Just get a good ‘ol mason jar and fill ‘em up!

  1. Pedicure in a Jar – Life Buzz
  2. Homemade Hot Chocolate – Recipe Lion
  3. S’more in a Jar – Pinterest

3. Tribal Hair Ties

I LOVE these hair ties! I think these are such a cute, and inexpensive gift idea for your bachelorette party guests. I especially love the sayings at the bottom.

  1. Bride Tribe Pink & Gold Hair Ties – Elastic Hair Bandz
  2. Thank You Hair Ties – Love Mia Co
  3. Bride Tribe Black & White Hair Ties – Amazon

4. Glamping T-Shirts

I think sending each of your ladies home with a new, fun glamping t-shirt is a fantastic idea! It makes for a great photo shoot, a way to get your girls to wear some bridesmaids paraphernalia, or a great go-home in, clean shirt! These are three really awesome examples that I wish I would have known about when I had my own glamping bachelorette party three years ago!

  1. Glampers Travel Pretty – Sweet Rosey Cheeks
  2. Bride Tribe T-Shirts – With Luv Designs
  3. Weekend Forecast T-Shirt – Tee Spring

5. Glamping Drink Cozy

This last party favor idea is super cute for helping to keep your girls’ drinks cold! I love the camping themed drawings/pictures and saying that go along with them! Here are three different idea I found for you to enjoy!

  1. Killing my Liver – Busy Bee Gifts
  2. Happy Camper Cozy – Junk Gypsy
  3. Wander with Purpose Cozy – Natural Life

I love all of these ideas! It makes me kind of happy that I don’t have to choose between all of them myself all these years later! When I had my bachelorette party all those years ago, I gave each of my girls a jar of homemade hot chocolate mix in a mason jar. Unfortunately, I didn’t even take photos of them! Silly me!

So with that, our Glamping Bachelorette Party Series has come to a close. I hope you have enjoyed going through each of the party elements with us and have loved all the ideas we found!

I hope that you will stop by again this Friday for a fun BONUS blog post! Remember those DIY Corset Bachelorette Party Invitations I showed you back in part 2 of this series? Well I will have a whole DIY tutorial for you to follow as well as the template to print and follow to make your own! I’m so excited to recreate the invitations I made from my own bachelorette party! AND, at the conclusion of the bonus blog, I will be revealing our party planning series for the month of August. I am super excited to get started on it!

I hope to see you back this Friday! Until then, I hope you have a chance to enjoy your day and I look forward to talking with you next week!

Krystal Idunate

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