Glamping Bachelorette Party Decorations: A Glamping Party Guide – Part 3

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Welcome back to our party blogging series. I love that you are back (or that you have stumbled upon us for the first time today)! Today, we are talking about my favorite aspect of party planning: the glamping bachelorette party decorations! I absolutely love the details that can go into decorating your party to get your guests in the right mood, and this month’s party theme is no exception.

If this is the first time you have landed on our blog, you definitely won’t want to miss the first two posts in this series of seven! Each post can be read exclusive of all the others, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the whole scope of this party planning guide. You can find the first two posts by clicking on the links below!

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Now, let’s get started in today’s topic!

The Best Glamping Decorations for Your Bachelorette Party

When it comes to glamping, there are really three major areas to decorate for the maximum girly effect. These three areas are: your sleeping area (which could be in a tent, a camper, a tipi, or a cabin), the dinner/campfire area, and the gift opening/game playing area. After scouring the internet, I have come up with a collage of the best glamping bachelorette party decorations for each of these three areas. Listed below the photo collages, you will find links to the sites where you can learn more about the specific idea! I hope you enjoy!

1. The Sleeping Area

  1. Tent made from Moroccan fabric – Happy Wedd
  2. Decorated Retro Camper – Bridal Musings
  3. No Boys Allowed Sign & Decorated Tipi – Utterly Engaged
  4. Glam Solar Lights – Unknown
  5. Camping Pillows – Gypsyville
  6. Pretty Bedding Covering Air Mattresses – Stacey Homemaker
  7. Tipi Glamping – Brit & Co
  8. Tissue Paper Flowers and Paper Lanterns – Kitsch ‘n Whimsy (This was my glamping bachelorette party!)

2. The Dinner Table & Campfire

  1. Graphic Rugs and Pillows at the Dinner Table – Cristina Lubarda
  2. Hanging Chandelier over the Dinner Table- The Sweetest Occasion
  3. Rustic Hanging Lanterns around the Campfire – Unknown
  4. Bold Colors on the Dinner Table – HGTV
  5. Floral Dinnerware – Melissa Kaylene
  6. DIY Bandana Pillows – Home Talk

3. The Gift Opening & Game Playing Area

  1. Hanging Bird Cages – Style Me Pretty
  2. Retro Camper Photo Prop – Inspired By This
  3. Gypsy Camping Chair – Gypsyville
  4. DIY Flower Backdrop – We The Z’s
  5. Camping Car Canopy – Brit & Co.

I simply LOVE all of these ideas… and I hope you do too! Whether you take just one idea from this list, or all of them, I just know that your glamping bachelorette party will be spectacular!

I hope that you will come back to our blog this Friday because we will be releasing the next part of this party guide, all about the food to make and serve! We have some really great food ideas and recipes for you to make!

Until then, I hope you have a chance to enjoy your day and I look forward to talking to you Friday!

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