Girl’s Paris Bedroom Ideas

Every little girl dreams of having a beautiful bedroom space in which to imagine they are princesses in a far off kingdom or explorers adventuring around the world. Where they can make plans of their future careers, develop their hobbies and interests, and dream about visiting the most amazing cities in the world.

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of visiting Paris (and I still do). It’s these dreams of Paris from my childhood that have inspired me to write a post about how to decorate a girl’s bedroom with a Paris theme! So today, I am super thrilled to share five different girl’s Paris bedroom ideas with you – each with a uniquely different twist on the Paris theme!

If you have a little girl dreaming of a Paris bedroom, then these ideas will definitely provide you with the inspiration to get started creating one!

5 Girl’s Paris Bedroom Ideas

1. Parisian Bedroom

A Parisian themed bedroom is the definition of comfort and elegance! For this type of Paris themed bedroom, you will want to decorate with lush bedding (like the Parisian Petticoat Quilt shown below), Victorian frames and upholstered headboards, and of course accents of pink, gold, and hearts. The following bedroom shows off this Parisian bedroom theme perfectly! We can’t get over how amazingly gorgeous this room is!

Here are some decoration ideas for the Parisian themed bedroom as well!

2. Classic French Bedroom

In a classic French bedroom, you will want to focus more on France as a country. So you could include the French flag (and national colors of red, white and blue), some of France’s national monuments, and fun classic French words or sayings in your bedroom decorating. Below are two amazing Paris bedrooms that have a classic French feel to them.

And here are some classic French bedrooms decorations that could accent a bedroom with this theme!

3. Pretty Pink Paris Bedroom

This type of Paris bedroom is absolutely perfect for a really little girl! The idea here is to have the whole room decorated with soft pinks, creams and whites. This is the ultimate Paris princess room and should be home to all things soft, fuzzy, and pretty. The bedrooms below exemplify the Pretty Pink Paris Bedroom theme perfectly!

You can also check out these pretty pink bedroom accessories and decor that are perfect for this theme as well! We especially love the painted pink Paris bedroom furniture and the painted French door!

4. Black & White Paris Bedroom

This Paris bedroom theme is meant for a slightly older girl, especially since it features such bold colors. The idea for this theme is to mainly decorate with bold black and white colors and accent with pops of bright colors like pink or teal. This Paris theme has a very clean yet funky feel to it! The three examples below show you how you can use black in white in dramatic, bold ways. We especially love the black and white checkered floor as well as the wall decorations in the paisley room!

These decorations are also perfect for a Black & White Paris bedroom theme! We are so in love with the black & white stripe wall paint for an accent wall!

5. Hot Pink Paris Bedroom

Last, but not least, is our Hot Pink Paris Bedroom theme! This theme is perhaps the most popular among all Paris bedroom themes. Most likely because it is suitable for girls of all ages and can therefore grow with your child from baby to teen! The bedrooms below show you a more grown up version of a hot pink Paris bedroom set up! We especially love the large polka dot pop and the rose patterned duvet cover!

These decorations would also go extremely well with this bedroom theme.

What do you think of these bedrooms? We think they all  just beautiful! It was so much fun researching the different types of Paris themed bedrooms and seeing all of the great ideas and decorations out there!

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