Make Your Own DIY Designer Rubber Gloves

A Photo of finished embellished rubber gloves.


Now that spring has officially sprung, I have spent the last week coming up with a list of tasks to get started with spring cleaning around the house. However, before I could start checking items off the list, I first needed to be sure I had all my gear together. This included all the necessary cleaners, my cleaning apron, and of course some rubber gloves.
Full photo of designer rubber gloves.

Close up on the cuff of the embellished rubber gloves.


I purchased a set of teal rubber gloves from Walmart and then got to thinking about how I could make them look prettier. One thing led to another, and I simply couldn’t get to my cleaning list until I had embellished my pair of gloves and created this tutorial just for you! I hope you will join me in creating some beautiful rubber gloves to make a not-so-luxurious job feel a little more glamorous.


Designer Rubber Gloves Tutorial

Rubber Gloves over Kitchen Sink.



1 Pair of Rubber Dish Gloves (Color of Choice)

¼ Yard Fabric (recommend cotton fabric in color/pattern of choice)

1 Package Ric Rac (Color of Choice)

Ribbon – to make small bows

Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks

Sewing Supplies (Sewing Machine, Universal Needle, Pins, etc.)


Photo of rubber gloves, fabric, ribbon, and glue gun.



1. Cut out two rectangles measuring 6.5 inches x 21 inches.

Two pieces of 6.5"x21" fabric.


2. Iron both rectangles in half lengthwise.

Fabric strips ironed in half length-wise.


3. Unfold the rectangle and pin short sides together with right sides facing.

Photo Needed


4. Sew ends together.

Raw edges sewn together right sides facing.

5. Fold rectangle in half along ironed crease, wrong sides facing, to form cuff. You should now have a continuous circle. Repeat with the second rectangle. Sew a basting stitch along the raw edges of the cuffs (widest stitch possible – length of 4 or 5).

fabric tubes folded in half along ironed edge.


6. Pull the basting stitch to gather the cuff to the same circumference as the end of each glove. Pin cuffs to ends of the gloves with right sides facing.

Cuff pinned to end of rubber glove, right sides facing.


7. Sew cuffs to the ends of the gloves – I recommend using a longer stitch (length of 3 or 4). Then surge the raw edges.

Cuff sewn and surged onto end of rubber glove.


8. Turn cuff out and top stitch.

Top stitch cuff to rubber glove.


9. Hot glue ric rac on top of the glove, where the rubber meets the fabric. This should cover top stitch. I recommend starting/ending your ric rac at the top center of the gloves (where your bow embellishment will be placed).

Glue ric rac onto glove where top stitched and rubber meets fabric.


10. Create two small bows with your ribbon, burn the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying (or use Fray Check), and then hot glue the ribbons on the gloves where the ric rac ends meet.

Rubber gloves finished with ribbon bow.


That’s It! What do you think? Don’t you want to just make a quick pair of these before you start your own cleaning lists? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make time to make yourself feel fabulous while you spring clean!


Finished Product - Designer Rubber Gloves


Now to get back to that cleaning list….



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