Plan a Baking Birthday Party: The Cupcake Decorations

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I’m so glad you are here this morning! Today we start part three of our cupcake themed Baking Birthday Party. We will be talking about my absolute FAVORITE part of party planning: the cupcake decorations! I will break down all of the cupcake birthday party decoration ideas I have into five categories, based on where you would place them.

Birthday Party Hats

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Now let’s get to it! Below you will find a whole bunch of ideas for your baking birthday party cupcake decorations! They have been split up into five sections to make things easier on you. That way you will only need to pick one or two ideas to implement in your own party! These sections are: The Entrance,  The Party Room, The Guest Tables and Chairs, The Dessert Display Area, and The Gift Area.

Cupcake Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

1. The Entrance

These three cupcake decorations ideas are perfect for placing at the entrance to your party! Nothing says “The Party Is Here” like a giant balloon cupcake creation. Or, for something a little less subtle, you could make one of these DIY cupcake liner wreaths or purchase a pretty cupcake door hanger to put on your front door instead!

  1. Cupcake Wreath – Hometalk
  2. Cupcake Door Hanger – Connie Risley Crafts
  3. Giant Cupcake Balloon Creation – Eslamoda

2. The Party Room

These cupcake decorations ideas are perfect for dressing up your party room. Take your party theme colors and create this DIY tissue paper birthday number. Or make a really pretty garland from cupcake liners and decorate your walls with the garland and pendant banners. If you truly want to go all out, you could have a table skirt made like the one below to resemble a play oven so your little party chefs could play make believe while celebrating your little ones birthday!

  1. Tissue Paper Birthday Number – It’s Mommy’s Choice
  2. Cupcake Garland & Pendant Banners – Sweet Designs
  3. Oven Table Skirt –Divina Festivita

3. The Guest Tables & Chairs

These cupcake decorations ideas are sure to delight your party guests! Now that your entrance and party room are well adorned, its time to decorate your guests’ tables and chairs. I love the idea of having a party hat at each spot, ready to decorate. Also, don’t forget to display your party aprons on the back of the chairs if you will be supplying your guests with aprons (we recommend ours of course!). Tissue paper flowers are also a good way to dress up your table. They make pretty centerpieces, but are still low enough to see over. Finally, if you are decorating your room with cupcake liner garland, why not make little garland pieces to adorn the back of your guests’ chairs!

  1. Tissue Paper Flowers and Mini Cupcake Stands – Catch My Party
  2. Cupcake Liner Garland – Catch My Party
  3. Aprons on back of Chairs – Kara’s Party Ideas
  4. Birthday Hats and Cupcakes to Decorate – Kara’s Party Ideas

The Dessert Display Area

When it comes to the dessert table, there are so many good ideas out there that it was hard to choose my favorites! I love how two of the ideas below encompass building an awning of some sort on the dessert table. It truly make it feel like a bakery/bake shoppe. These two are irresistibly cute!

I also love the idea of using kitchen utensils as your party dessert table decorations. You could simply display them in a decorated utensil cup or on the wall as a backdrop!

Don’t forget to consider using paper fans and tissue paper flowers as decorations above your dessert table. Both of these make a very large statement!

And finally, you will certainly want to check out this DIY cupcake stand. It is super easy to make and will add another whole element to your birthday party cupcake decorations!

  1. Bake Shoppe Awning – Catch My Party
  2. Pots & Pans Wall Decor – Catch My Party
  3. Kitchen Utensil Display – Bird’s Party
  4. DIY Cupcake Stand – Little Red Window
  5. Dessert Table Fan & Flower Decor – Catch My Party
  6. Cupcake Shoppe Dessert Table – Kara’s Party Ideas

5. The Gift Area

This is the last area to decorate for your party. I usually like to do something nice and simple, but that still draws the eye. I love the idea of using streamers to create a gift table canopy or to use as a wall backdrop for your gift area. You could also purchase a “GIFTS” Banner to hang on the edge of your gift table. If you really want to go above and beyond in decorating your gift area, I love the look of this balloon backdrop with the birthday girl’s name displayed over top! You could even add the birthday year if you liked.

  1. Canopy Gift Table Idea – Oh So Lovely
  2. Streamers Gift Table Backdrop – Catch My Party
  3. Gifts Banner Decoration – Lovingly Mine
  4. Balloon Gift Table Backdrop – Iconosquare

No matter which cupcake decorations you choose to have at your birthday party, I’m sure it will turn out just beautiful. I hope this collection of decoration ideas has helped to give you ideas and inspiration for your upcoming party. I know I feel inspired… I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to begin planning my little one’s 2nd birthday!

I wish you luck on creating your party decorations and I hope you will let me know if you decide to use any of the ones I found above! I hope you will stop back by tomorrow (Saturday) to learn about all of the delicious food ideas I have cooked up for you! I will be sharing with you my Cupcake Birthday Party Menu with you which will include everything but the desserts.

Until then, remember to take a moment for yourself today to breathe, relax, and enjoy your exciting life!

Have a beautiful day,

Krystal Idunate

PS: What other birthday party cupcake decorations ideas do you have? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

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