Plan a Baking Birthday Party: The Cupcake Party Favors

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Welcome back to our blog series on planning a cupcake themed baking birthday party! I’m so happy you are here today! Today is the last post in our baking birthday party themed series. We will be finishing up this series today by discussing our favorite five cupcake party favor ideas!

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Without further ado, here are our favorite five cupcake party favors!

Kitsch ‘n Whimsy’s Favorite 5 Cupcake Party Favors

1. Complete (or Partial) Chef Sets

With party guests coming to your birthday party to bake and decorate cupcakes, gifting each guest with their very own apron and chef hat would be a very grand gesture! Whether you decide to give your guests both an apron and a chef hat, or just one or the other, you will take your party from an ordinary cupcake party, and make it both extraordinary and memorable!

Since we are an apron company, we naturally will suggest our own aprons! They are impeccably made with the highest quality materials. Each apron and chef’s hat is carefully made by hand (either my own or my business partner/mom’s) and crafted for durability. In addition to being a super special party favor, these aprons and chef’s hats will also make exceedingly beautiful party photos for years to come! What can we say… they are simply Pinterest worthy!

Cupcake Birthday Party Aprons
Kitsch 'n Whimsy
Chef's Hats
Kitsch 'n Whimsy

Want to take it one step further? We also have matching doll aprons! If you don’t want to opt for getting your party guests aprons and chef’s hats, you could get them for their dolls instead! (Or just get a matching set for the birthday girl!)

Doll Cupcake Aprons
Kitsch 'n Whimsy

2. Cute Cupcake To-Go Boxes

If you would like to have a unique party favor without spending a ton of extra money, what about giving each guest an adorable, unique cupcake to-go box? These cupcake boxes made to look like retro ovens are simply adorable! The box itself is simply a PDF printable that you would purchase and then have printed on heavy card stock paper. Then you would fold it up and have it ready for your party guests to pick out their favorite cupcake to bring home with them!

Retro Oven Cupcake Box
Claudine Hellmuth

3. Cupcake Softies

This is another sweet idea that is a unique take on a cupcake favor. These adorable little cupcake softies would make super cute party favors. You could either purchase them or attempt to make them yourselves. I think it would be super sweet to make these in a miniature form to display at each child’s place setting. Then they would get to take them home at the end of the party!

Cupcake Softie
Esther Bouwens

4. Cupcake Key Rings

Similar to the cupcake softies, these cupcake key rings are super cute and would make an adorable party favor! These you could also order online or attempt to make some yourself. Either way, they are really cute… and everybody knows that kids LOVE key rings!

Cupcake Keychains

5. Cupcake Bath Bombs

Last but not least, these cupcake bath bombs are also a really cool cupcake party favor idea! You can follow this link to find out how to make them yourself! I love how much they resemble a real cupcake and who doesn’t love a luxurious bath?

Bath Bombs

And that’s the end of it! Weren’t those cupcake party favor ideas just SO sweet? I think that any of them would be a hit at your cupcake party.

Well, that concludes our series on planning a cupcake baking birthday party. Was the information I provided to you helpful? Are there any ideas you are going to incorporate in your party? I would love to know!

Next week, I will be starting a new party planning series! I can’t wait to reveal what that party theme will be on Monday… so be sure to drop back by on Monday to find out what new party theme we will be discussing.

In the meantime, remember to take a moment for yourself today to breathe, relax, and enjoy your exciting life!

Have a beautiful day,

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PS: Be sure to drop by our blog tomorrow morning for a bonus blog post, titled 5 Cupcake Themed Gifts Any Girl Will Love! See you then!

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