Back to School Party Favors: A Back to School Party Guide – Part 7

Hello and welcome to the final segment of our Back to School Party planning series! Today, we are finishing up our party planning series with a post revealing a variety creative back to school party favor ideas for your guests.

When planning a fun kids party like this one, party favors really are not all that necessary. So if you are really against the idea of getting everybody something who comes to your back to school party, then really there’s no harm done. However, since back to school season comes with SO many great deals and discounts on school related items, I believe that you could add a little special sauce to your party by getting each child a small, but creative gift as a thank you.

Back to School Utensil Cup

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Also, if you are just jumping into this blog series today, we highly suggest going back to the beginning of this series and reading the first six posts as well. This way you can get the full impact of this party guide, even though all of the posts in this series can certainly be read exclusive of each other!

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And now for our back to school party favors reveal!

Creative Back to School Party Favors

1. DIY Lunch Boxes

This party favor idea directly correlates with one of our back to school party activity ideas. For this gift, you would purchase each child at your party one of these inexpensive, plain lunch boxes (this one is from Oriental Trading). I would display one lunchbox at each child’s table place setting. Then, you could supply the kids with different items to decorate their lunch boxes as a party activity. You can read more about this activity idea on our Back to School Games and Activities post!

1. Tin Lunch box

2. Starburst Party Favor

This simple party favor by Lil’ Luna is really cute and super inexpensive. You just need some kind of candy container (box or bag) and a bunch of starburst candies. Then, print out one of these adorable printable gift tags to give the favor a creative meaning. You could even change the saying on the tag if needed to be “Bursting with joy to see you in school” or something of that nature.

2. Starburst Favor

3. Lunch Box Gift Box

I love this adorable gift box designed to look like a lunch box by Piggy Bank Parties. For this party favor, you would just need to purchase this printable (or a similar printable), print out the image on cardstock, and fold it/glue to make this box. Then, I would fill the “lunch box” with either inexpensive school supplies or fun snack foods for the coming school days!

3. Lunch Box Gift Box

4. DIY Apple Jars

I think this party favor idea is super sweet! To make these apple jars, you would need to purchase a set of mason jars, primer, acrylic or spray paint, green cardstock, and some small wooden pegs. Then, follow these directions by The 36th Avenue to create an apple mason jar for each child at your party. Finally, fill the jars with some delicious candies or other fun and small school related items (such as erasers, paperclips, etc.).

4. DIY Apple Jar

5. School Bus Party Favor Bag

This adorable party favor bag by Craftytude is perfect for a Back to School Party with a school bus theme! You could fill these bags with some fun school supplies and snack foods for each of your guests. I would put in mini notebooks, pencils, maybe a pair of scissors, and some granola bars!

5. School Bus Party Favor Bag

6. “You Rule” Party Favor Snack Bags

These snack bags by Thirty Handmade Days make a perfect back to school party favor. The ruler printable is offered for free on the blog so it is also very inexpensive. You would just need to purchase some paper CD covers and either buy or make a party trail mix.

6. You Rule Back to School Favor Bag

7. “Welcome Back” Party Favor Bag

How cute are these “Welcome Back” party favor bags by Fiskars? And they look so easy to make. You would just need to cut off the top of a brown paper bag using pinking shears, and then decorate/draw on the bag with a black sharpie marker. I love the idea of stuffing these bags with school supplies for each child to use for the coming year.

7. Welcome Bag Favor Bags

8. Smarties Party Favor

This last party favor idea by Thirty Handmade Days is also a super inexpensive option. To make these, you would need to purchase a bunch of rolls of smarties candies. Then print of the free gift tag printable and attach to either one or a few smarties rolls. That’s it! Super easy!

8. Smarties Party Favor

See… don’t you think these eight back to school party favors are really creative and would help to give your back to school party the final touch without having to spend a ton of extra money?

Like I said before, even though back to school party favors may seem unnecessary, I still love the idea of giving each child something fun to go home with. Plus, these are all so easy and low budget that I think… why not!?

This post completes our Back to School Party Guide! I hope you loved reading our ideas and have felt inspired to throw your own party! Please let us know what you thought of this series and if there are any ideas you have in addition to what we thought of!

This Friday, we will be posting our first of three bonus blog posts for the month! We will be keeping the back to school theme going on with our bonus posts, starting with a post about questions to ask your child before their first day of school to help reduce anxiety and create excitement! You won’t want to miss this post if you have school aged children!

We hope you have a great week!

Have a wonderful day,

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