Back to School Party Decoration Ideas: A Back to School Party Guide – Part 3

Good morning and welcome to part three of our Back to School Party planning series! Today, I am talking about one of my two favorite parts of party planning: back to school party decoration ideas! While your party invitations are important for making the first impression for your event, the party decorations are equally, if not more important for developing you party atmosphere and helping your guests get into the party mood. Plus, it gives your party comers a lot to look at and admire while they wait for all of your guests to arrive!

In developing this party planning guide and researching different back to school party decoration ideas, I have narrowed down all of the back to school party decoration ideas I have come up with into five main categories. Each of these category themes reflects a school aspect that is reminiscent of an iconic school place (i.e. classroom, school bus, etc). Today, I will be sharing a bunch of back to school party decoration ideas with you in each of the five categories. I am super excited to share what I have found!

If you are just starting to read this Back to School Party series, I highly suggest going back to start this series at the beginning. All of the posts in this series can certainly be read exclusive of each other, however, reading them all consecutively will give you the full party guide that will help you plan your own Back to School Party this summer!

In the first installment within this series, we talk about what a Back to School Party is, why you should host one, and what you can expect in the party planning posts to come.  You can find the first post in this series by clicking here!

School Bus

In the second part of this series, we talked about the importance of sending Back to School Party invitations. We then discovered five adorable invitations that you could use for your own party – including one that was totally DIY! You can find the second post in this series by clicking here!
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5 Back to School Party Decoration Categories

1. School Buses

The big yellow bus is one of the most iconic symbols of a child’s return to school! So why not make a school bus the center of your party? In the photos below, we will show you a variety of ideas that hone in on the yellow school bus and make it the center of attention at your back to school party!

  1. School Bus Door Hanger – Brooke Sullivan
  2. School Bus Cardboard Box – Hey, Lady Grey 
  3. School Bus Table Backdrop – HWTM 

2. Chalkboards

Whenever I think back on my school day classroom memories, the oversized chalkboard at the front center of my room always comes to mind first! Chalkboards are a perfect, and easy, way to bring some school nostalgia into your Back to School Party decorations! You can make your chalkboard decorations the main focal point, or you can use them to just add a few finishing touches. In the collage below, I have pulled together a few ideas for how to use chalkboards as decorations in your Back to School party!

  1. Vintage Chalkboard Table Backdrop & Banner – Kara’s Party Ideas 
  2. Chalkboard Table Settings – Project Nursery 
  3. Chalkboard Table Backdrop & Table Setting – Kara’s Party Ideas 

3. ABC’s & 123’s

With the start of school on the horizon, breaking out the alphabet and numbers is a great way to get your party guests in the back to school mood! Using ABC’s and 123’s in your Back to School Party decorations will certainly give your party that classic scholastic feel! Below, I have found a few ways for you to use these elements to give your party that something special!

  1. Alphabet Vase Filler – One Charming Party 
  2. Alphabet Banner – The Tomkat Studio 
  3. ABC & 123 Table Backdrop – Catch My Party 

4. Apples

Apples are so reminiscent of school days past. They are the perfect for packing in your child’s school lunchbox or as the old fashioned gift to the teacher on the first day of school. Therefore, apples can definitely make their appearance at your Back to School Party as well! Check out these ideas for how to incorporate apples into your Back to School Party decorations!

  1. Apple “Confetti” – The SITS Girls 
  2. DIY Apple Balloons – Balloon Time
  3. DIY Apple Plates – Spaceships & Laser Beams 

5. School Supplies

This last category of Back to School Party decoration ideas is definitely the most vast! Decorating with school supplies is super creative because you can use everything from No. #2 pencils to glue sticks and more! It was really hard to narrow down these ideas because there were so many… so I have included a few more ideas in this category than in those above!

  1. Crayon Garland – Inspired by Family Mag
  2. Back to School Supplies Cake – By Stephanie Lynn
  3. Back to School Mason Jars –  Mason Jar Crafts Love
  4. #2 Pencil Centerpiece – Lushome
  5. Crayon Utensil Holder – Chickabug 
  6. Vintage Flash Card Garland – Knitty Bitties 

Don’t all of these party decoration categories just scream “Back to School”? All of the ideas we’ve talked about have got me super excited about the fall and even more excited about the next sections in this party planning series! I hope this post has helped you to think about your own parties and the decorations that you would like to include at your event. Whether you pull ideas from just one category or all five, I know your back to school party will be full of school spirit and will get your children and their friends excited for the new year ahead.

The next installment of this party planning series, which will be all about your party menu, will be released this Friday. Make sure to come back see the party menu we have in store for your, as well as some adorable ideas for how to serve it up! Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list before you head out – that way you will make sure that you will get a reminder of the next segments in this series!

We hope you have a GREAT weekend and look forward to revealing our Back to School Party menu on Friday!

Have a wonderful day,

Krystal Idunate

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