Back to School Party Activities and Games: A Back to School Party Guide – Part 6

Welcome to part six of our Back to School Party planning series! I am super excited to talk to you today about the best back to school party activities and games you can have at your back to school party this summer!

When it comes to planning a party, the activities that you plan for your guests will be the elements of your party that will be most memorable for them. Therefore, it is super important that you do not overlook the thought and planning that goes into deciding upon which games/activities you have and how they will flow into your party.

So today, I am excited to share with you 6 fun games and activities that you should definitely consider having at your back to school party this year!

Scissors in a pile.

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OK, so let’s get to our Back to School Party activities and games! We hope you love these ideas!

3 Back to School Party Activities

1. Make Paper Bag Book Covers

For this activity, either stockpile a bunch of brown paper bags, or ask your guests to each bring one ahead of time. Then, instruct your guests on how to make these book covers (you can find instructions here) and provide them with different writing utensils, stickers, bling, and more so they can decorate until their heart’s content!

Wiki How

2. Create a Locker Decoration

Another really fun and crafty activity for your back to school guests to do is to make a fun decoration for their lockers. One decoration idea would be to make mini chalkboard to hang in the door of their lockers. You could pick up a few small chalkboards from a local super store like Walmart and then either purchase magnetic tape or small magnets that you can glue on the backs of them. Then, you can also grab some fun bling to glue on or some permanent chalk pens so your guests can personalize them!

Buggy and Buddy

3. Decorate School Planners

To prep for this activity, you would need to stockpile all kinds of kids, teenager magazines, and/or magazines like People along with providing some small decorative items like gems, buttons, stickers, Washi tape, etc. You would also need to pick up a handful of glue sticks and kids scissors.

Then, ask each guest to bring his/her school planner to your party. During this activity, you would instruct your guests to cut out photos of people they like, words that inspire them, images that inspire them, etc and use those along with all the other supplies to decorate their planners!

I remember doing this when I was in high school and I think it would make an excellent activity for a back to school party as well!

We Heart It

3 Back to School Party Games

1. Summer Bucket List Bingo

This game is a perfect idea for helping your guests celebrate their summer vacations by getting excited about what they did over the past few months! To play this game, hand out a blank bingo card to each party guest. Have them fill in all of the squares with different things they did over the summer – such as “went to another state”, “went to the beach”, “suntanned”, etc.

Then, draw out pre-made answers that you wrote using all kinds of summer bucket list ideas. If the guest has that answer on their bingo card, they get to add a trinket/candy/etc to that spot. When a guest hits a bingo (five in a row), they win a prize. You can also give out a prize for whoever did something you didn’t think about!

Another way you could play this game is by handing your guests pre-filled out bingo cards and play using just those answers. Although, I really like the idea of letting your guests get creative and really think about all the amazing things they did throughout the summer without being prompted!

Pepper Scraps

2. Recess Games

Nothing gets you excited for the coming school year like those old fashioned recess games – think Red Rover, Capture the Flag, Freeze Tag, etc! I love the idea of playing these games because they encourage teamwork, persistence, and fun! Also, there is never a single winner… they are just fun all in themselves. Definitely consider playing at least one of these games at your back to school party this year!

3. Trivia Games/Jeopardy

This final game is a fantastic idea for getting those young minds working at your back to school party. Help your guests get excited about learning again by testing their trivia knowledge. You can either have a traditional trivia type game, or do something a little more creative like playing Back to School Jeopardy! For Jeopardy, you could have your different question categories be related to the different school subjects! That way everybody can get something right depending on their learning strengths!


I think that to have the most well rounded back to school party, you should choose at least one fun game to play with everybody as well as at least one activity to get your guests ready for the coming year. You can certainly do more (I know it’s a tough choice to pick a favorite one of these ideas), but I would start with at least one of each.

What did you think of these ideas? Do you have any more to add? We would love to hear all about them in the comments below!!!

Next Monday, you should tune back into our party planning series for the final installment in this Back to School party guide! In the last post of this series, we will be talking about the party favors – aka the final touch of your party! We have some great ideas in store for you for things that are both DIY and inexpensive! So make sure to come back on Monday to check those final ideas out! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list before you head out – that way you will get a reminder of the next segments in this series!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to sharing our Back to School Party Favors on Monday!

Have a wonderful day,

Krystal Idunate

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