Apron Care

Our aprons are as functional as they are beautiful! Don’t let their gorgeous looks scare you from cooking in them… these aprons were made for cooking! Since we want your Kitsch ‘n Whimsy aprons to last as long as possible for you, we have outlined some apron care instructions to follow in laundering them below. If you follow these instructions, your awesome apron is sure to survive a very, very long time!

How to Clean My Apron

To clean your Kitsch ‘n Whimsy apron, we recommend washing your apron on the delicate cycle with like colors, using COLD water. We would also recommend using a color catcher in the wash cycle when washing your apron for the first time.

To dry your apron, we recommend air drying. This will help to avoid any shrinking of the fabric. If you must dry you apron in a machine dryer, we recommend drying on the low heat or delicate cycle, but please know that this may cause minimal shrinkage. If dried on a medium or high heat, you can definitely expect your apron to shrink a bit.

Once your apron is washed and dried, we recommend ironing it to help press out the wrinkles in the fabric and bring your apron back to its original crispness.

The above instructions pertain to both adult and children’s aprons.

How to Clean My Chef’s Hat

To clean your Kitsch ‘n Whimsy chef’s hat, please follow the same instructions as above. However, before placing your hat in the washing machine, be sure to remove the flower pin (as applicable) from the hat band. The flower pins are not machine washable and may cause snags in your garments if washed with them. If your flower pin becomes dirty, we recommend spot cleaning as necessary.

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