April Showers DIY Party Favor Bag Tutorial

April Shower Favor Bag


April showers are officially here, along with some great ideas for baby and bridal showers focused around this season’s weather. I have been researching and putting together a whole guide to throwing an April Showers Baby OR Bridal Shower (coming later this week), and in my research, I came across some adorable cloud/raindrop paper art that I thought would make a cute party favor bag. I got all my art supplies together, and now today I have this fantastic DIY favor bag tutorial to share with you!


 April Showers DIY Party Favor Bag

April Showers Favor Bag Completed

Supplies Needed:

  • Construction Paper – 5 sheets of White & 2 sheets Blue (2 shades – 1 of each)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Brown Paper Bag (Or other plain gift bag)
  • Computer/Printer/Ink
  • Cloud Template & Raindrop Template
  • 1 Sheet white construction paper with printed saying
  • Pencil

April Shower Favor Bag Supplies



  1.  The first thing you will need to do is to print off a cloud and raindrop template. You can either use mine by clicking HERE, or you can simply find an image of both on an internet image search and print off in the size you want. If you would like your bag to say something in the cloud, then you will also want to type up what you want it to say and increase the wording size to fit inside the cloud template. Once you have your template printed, trace the cloud onto your paper with your wording on it (that way you can be sure it is centered on the cloud.Cloud Traced on Paper
  2. Next, gather up all of your white sheets of paper. Cut the cloud shape out of all five sheets. You should now have 5 cloud shapes, 1 of the 5 with your saying on it.Cut out cloud shape5 cut out cloud shapes
  3. Starting with the cloud shape that has your saying on it, fold the shape in half.1 Cloud folded in half
  4. Next, apply glue to the back side of 1/2 of the folded cloud.Apply glue to half of back of cloud
  5. Next, take a second cloud shape and glue it to half of your first cloud shape. Be sure to match up the edges so the pieces are put together exactlyGlue half of cloud to half of second cloud.
  6.  Now, apply glue to the opposite side of the first cloud (with your saying on it), and glue that half of the cloud to your third cloud piece. You will see the backside of the cloud in the picture below. Once the second and third clouds are glued to the first, I then proceeded to fold the second and third clouds in half.Repeat gluing on the second half of the first cloud.
  7.  Repeat the gluing steps (4-6) from above to glue your fourth and fifth clouds to your second and third. Then fold your forth and fifth clouds in half. Your cloud is now completed.Continue gluing clouds, alternating side of the original cloud until all pieces are glued.
  8. Next, you should fold down the top edge of your brown paper bag so that you know where to position the cloud for when your gift is closed. You can skip this step if you are using a regular plain gift bag.Fold top of bag closed
  9. Apply glue to the backside of your completed cloud (this would be the second, unglued halves of your fourth and fifth cloud cut outs). Glue cloud onto the top of your bag, position it however you like.Cloud glued to top of bag
  10. Next, using your raindrop template, cut out two raindrop shapes for every raindrop you will have on your bag.cut out raindrops
  11. Fold each raindrop shape in half and then glue half of one raindrop shape to half of a second raindrop shape. This will form one raindrop.fold raindrops in half
  12. Now all you need to do is glue the raindrops onto your bag. Position however you like! And now you should have a completed favor bag/gift bag that looks something like the one I show below!April Showers Favor Bag Completed

What do you think? Do you like the idea of making your own, special favor bags OR gift bags?  Tell us in the comments section!

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