5 Gratitude Crafts for Kids

“It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

We think that November is the perfect month for parents to teach their children about practicing gratitude. Often times, we teach our children to say “thank you” when somebody does something nice for them from a very young age, but we forget to go a step further and talk about what being thankful really means.

So we have dedicated the first few weeks of this month to helping you teach your children about gratitude and how to practice it. Today, we are excited to share 5 fun gratitude crafts for kids. These crafts will not only be a great exercise for your children, but may also make you realize how thankful you are for your own sweet children!

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1. Gratitude Garland - Somewhat Simple

Somewhat Simple

This super simple gratitude garland craft is easy to make (just print, write, assemble, and hang) and will foster some really great family gratitude conversation. Give each family member a few to fill out, then assemble and take a step back to see what your family gratitude looks like! The garland pendants are offered as a free download on the Somewhat Simple website too!

2. I Am Thankful Pumpkin Craft - The Moffatt Girls

Thankfulness Pumpkin
The Moffatt Girls

This adorable Thankful Pumpkin Craft is not only a great way to get your kids thinking of gratitude, but will also spruce up your decorations for the fall/Thanksgiving season. Have each member of your family create one of these pumpkins and display for all your guests to see! You can follow the instructions for how to make these on The Moffatt Girls website.

3. Gratitude Stones - Fireflies and Mudpies

Fireflies and Mudpies

We love this idea for celebrating gratitude. Create the fun heart themed gratitude stones with your family this weekend. Then, use them to help your children talk about thankfulness. Melissa from Fireflies and Mudpies suggests using them around the dinner table – to pass and say one thing you are thankful for that day, at bedtime, to help your kids calm down when they are upset, and more! Check out her site to see the DIY directions and more uses.

4. Thankfulness Wreath - Eclectic Chica

Thankfulness Wreath
Eclectic Chica

This wreath is another fun gratitude craft to do with the whole family. To complete this project, you would just need some clothespins to paint and write your blessings on and a wire circle (or wire wreath frame) to clip them to! If you wanted the wreath to be up all year, then you could paint the clothespins any color of your choosing. You could also paint with seasonal colors to just use as a November decoration.

5. Gratitude Tree Craft - Tips from a Typical Mom Blog

Tree of Thanksgiving Craft
Tips from a Typical Mom Blog

This giant gratitude decoration was made using a cardboard box, coffee filters, food coloring, and a permanent marker. It is a super simple craft to do with your family and makes a really big statement. To see the step-by-step instructions, check out the Tips from a Typical Mom Blog!

How will your family practice gratitude this month? Do you have any special gratitude crafts that you make with your kids? I think with the little one being so young this year, we may try out making the gratitude stones. They will be good to have around and the little girl LOVES rocks right now haha!

We hope you have a great weekend and can’t wait to see you back on Monday! Next Monday, we have a SUPER cool activity for you to do with a group of friends that will help everybody get into the gratitude mindset! We are so pumped to share about it, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list before you go so you can remember to come check it out!

Until next time,

Krystal & Jodie

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